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Dr. Valerie McCray is a Sensible Leader, Courageous Advocate,
and Practiced Healer
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    Meet our Educator, Marshall Candidate for Senate, #IN2024

    Dr. Valerie McCray is a sensible leader. She is a practiced healer, growth-minded, and lifelong learner in our Indiana.

We Can't Fix This One GOP Bug at a Time

“If we don't start participating in democracy, now. It may be crises, after crises for our generation and after. It’s time to see all policies through the essentials affecting the well-being of society. What is vital to our home, community, and democracy.” – Dr. Valerie McCray, June 2023

The Right to the Solutions

The Journey to transform from Civilian into Citizen requires participation in our democracy. We will aid, defend, and deliver to inspire bravery & courage. All enrolled students, active members, and participants in the learning process are encouraged to keep their Voter Registration Status current.
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Hoosiers to Represent

Pillars of our Educator and Marshall Candidate for United States Senate, #IN2024

Dr. McCray accepts every opportunity to serve our men and women of the military. She has evaluated thousands of men and women of our military suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain injuries from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf War, and Vietnam.

She works to streamline the disability eligibility process so that our soldiers can reassemble their lives as much as possible.
Her Toughness of spirit is most evident with her work with incarcerated men and women. Dr. McCray has worked in over a dozen high security prisons and jails in Indiana and Georgia. She has often said, “Prisons are the mental health hospitals for the poor”.

Dr. McCray also works with victims of violence and families that have lost loved ones to violence. She treats children that have been displaced due to abuse and neglect, girls that have been sex trafficked. She works tirelessly to turn around youth that are on the verge of meeting disaster.
Despite being surrounded by tragedy, Dr. McCray embodies optimism and exudes a contagious excitement about the future of Indiana. She respects science and research and looks forward to embracing technology that promises to renew our sources of energy with clean and sustainable options that will strengthen our communities and safeguard our Nation.

She strongly believes that by rebuilding our infrastructure, and embracing technology that brings clean manufacturing back to the United States, we will not only improve the health of the planet but will improve our quality of life beyond our wildest dreams. "Our mental health is our mental wealth."

Incoming Calculated Projected Impact of GOP Threats to Democratic Firewall

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